Setup of the 2X LoadBalancer and SecureClientGateway for Access Using SSL With the 2X Client
Posted by Scott Sims on 04 February 2010 11:24 PM

For setup, first select the Farm icon within the 2X Console; select Gateway, and then select the SSL/TLS Tab.

Click the "Enable SSL on Port" check box (Port 443 by default), and either provide the path to the Public and Private Key, or Generate New Certificate.

Click Apply, and then select the Publishing icon.

Click the Add button at bottom, select Desktop, and click Next.

Select Terminal Server Desktop, and click Next.

Select either All in Farm, or the servers for which you're requesting service, and click Next.

Provide a Name and Description, and click Next.

Finally, provide filtering information and click Finish.

Setup of the 2X Client for Accessing a Remote Desktop Using 2X LB and SCGW Using SSL:

Install the 2X Client software ( and add a new 2X Connection.

Set the Primary Connection to be the IP address of the gateway server (if external, using hardware or NLB, provide that address instead).

Set the Connection Mode as SSL, and the Port as 443.

Fill in user and domain information, select Auto Logon, and click OK; the user should then see the Published RDP Desktop icon in the 2X Client.

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