2X Console Authentication
Posted by Christopher Flores on 27 March 2015 06:10 AM


Upon installation of 2X RAS from versions v11 upwards, the user is presented with a logon screen which authenticates the user and allows him access to the 2X Console and its configuration. Any user will full local sys admin privileges will be allowed access. This means that the first user to login can easily be a Domain Admin with full local admin privileges or a local Admin configured on the machine.

Versions Effected

2X Remote Application Server v11+


This first user that logs in will have full Admin privileges in the 2X Console. If other administrators need to login, these need to be first configured by the first logged in Admin under the Administration pane > Administration tab from the 2X Console.

The recommended logon format in Windows Active Directory environments is the UPN format (i.e.

In the eventuality a local user is used, the recommended logon format would be .\Administrator (as an example).

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