Clients cannot connect: No more licenses are available or cannot contact licensing Server - LIcensing pane shows a lot of extra connections
Posted by Christopher Flores on 27 January 2015 10:50 AM


The error: "No more licenses are available or cannot contact licensing Server" is presented to users connecting from a 2X Client. Checking the 2X Console under the Licensing pane > View Licenses button, Licenses seem to be consumed by LB: connections.

Versions Effected

2X Remote Application Server v12.0.2193+


This behavior was attributed to an issue where users connecting via RDP through the 2X Gateway would not be disconnected gracefully once a user terminates his connection.

This behavior was addressed in subsequent builds. Updating to the latest 2X RemoteApplicationServer build should rectify this issue.


The latest build of 2X RemoteApplicationServer can be downloaded from:


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