Publishing Desktops: Connect to Console
Posted by Christopher Flores on 12 January 2015 09:53 AM


The scope of this article is to outline the Connect to Console functionality and why it can be used.

Versions affected

2X Remote Application Server v10.5+


When publishing a desktop, the administrator has the option to enable the Connect to console functionality for his users

The option "Connect to console" is to be ticked so users connecting to the published desktops will connect to the terminal server’s console rather than a virtual desktop session.

In other words, the "connect to console" setting allows you to connect to the session that the user would see when being physically at the PC you connected to (since usually, RDP provides a separate session per user). This also means that (unless using shadowing), you will take the session of anybody sitting in front of the computer.

Console sessions are reserved for administration purposes and only members of the Administrators group can connect to them.

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