Limiting instances of published applications due to licensing restrictions
Posted by Christopher Flores on 08 January 2015 08:07 AM


The scope of this article is to provide an overview of how to limit the amount of instances a published application can be run by 2X Clients

Versions affected

2X Remote Application Server v10.5+


2X RemoteApplicationServer includes an option which allows an Administrator to limit the amount of time a particular published app can be launched by 2X Clients.

This functionality is particularly useful when published software also has licensing limitations bound to it. Setting such options would allow an administrator to limiit the amount of instances an application can be launched as well as set the action carried out when such limit is exceeded.

This kind of configuration can be set by doing the following:

  1. -Open 2X Console > Publishing Pane
  2. Select the app in question > advanced tab > licensing Setting
  3. Set the concurrent licenses to 1
  4. Set the action to do when the limit is exceeded




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