2X RAS Upgrade procedures
Posted by Lee Warren on 18 February 2015 12:20 PM

When you upgrade your 2X RAS installation to the next version, please follow the below procedure, based on best practices:

Stage 1:  2X RAS Upgrade Preparation

1. Read the documentation below to review all changes and added features for the latest versions of 2X software.

2. Ensure that your 2X RAS license has valid upgrade insurance. Upgrade insurance is not automatically included with a 2X Support contract.

3. Take snapshots of environments configured on virtual servers, primarily on the 2X RAS Console/ License server.

4. Copy and save the license key activated on the current installation from the 2X RAS Console > Licensing.

5. Collect additional information about the current 2X RAS installation from the 2X RAS Console > Help > About (Example: 11.0.1933)

6. Export the configuration file and save it to another location.

  • For Version 10.6 and lower, log on to the  2X RAS Console > File > Export.
  • For Version 11.0 and higher this option is located under Administration > Backup.

7. If the 2X RAS console/ License server also runs other 2X products, such as the 2X Webportal/ RAS Portal, backup and collect the information below:

  • Back up the following directory and all sub directories : C:\Program Files (x86) \2X
  • Collect information about 2X Webportal/ RAS Portal:  2X RAS Admin Portal > General Settings > About
  • Version 14 and above do not support 2XOS. If you are using client manager to manage 2XOS you cannot upgrade to Version 14 and continue to use 2XOS. Further information here: Life Cycle Announcement

8. When upgrading to Version 14 or higher, consider the points below:

Stage 2: 2X RAS Upgrade Requirements

9. Internet access is required on the 2X RAS Console/License server to install the software and activate the license. If the 2X RAS Console/ License server does not have internet access, contact 2X Support.

10. For all upgrades, it is highly recommended to schedule a time when your users aren’t active on your system.

11. Older versions of the 2X Webportal/ RAS Portal are not all compatible with newer versions of 2X RAS. If the 2X Webportal/ RAS Portal  is installed on your server, download the latest version from

12. It is recommended to disable all Firewalls and Antivirus software also including Windows Defender (Antivirus software must be stopped from Windows Services).

Stage 3: 2X RAS Upgrade Procedure

13. Proceed to upgrade the 2X installation from the 2X RAS Console/License server.

  • On Version 10.6 and lower this option is located in the 2X Console > Information > Software Update tab > Check now > Update.
  • On Version 11.0 and higher the option is located in the 2X Console > Administration > Software Update tab > Check now > Update.

This upgrade will also update the license model for all sites to a concurrent-user-based licensing model.

14. If prompted during the upgrade,  select to update all 2X agents configured to the farm/ site.

15. Log on to the 2X Console and ensure that all agents are verified. If the server was running v10.6 or lower, you will notice that when you run the 2X Console icon it requires you to log on with a username and password. Please refer back to the 2X RAS documentation.

16. Next, download and install the 2X RAS Portal software from General settings > Software > Check Now. This is only required if you were using the 2X Webportal / 2X RAS Portal.

17. Version 14 - download the latest version of HALB Appliance and 2X RAS Reporting service. This is only required for installations that were previously running Version 14 and higher with the HALB Appliance and 2X RAS Reporting engine.

Stage 4: Final checks

18. Upon Completion, log on to the console and activate your license from the 2X RAS Console > Licensing. Also ensure that the “Concurrent UBL” information is the correct user license count you have purchased. If not, please contact 2X Sales.

Congratulations, you are now ready to test the environment and ensure that all systems are functioning normally.

Additional Information

2X RAS V11 and higher work with a concurrent-user-based licensing model. Read more here.

If you require support during or after your upgrade, please contact our Sales team.

It is highly recommended to schedule the upgrade with the 2X Support department and your users. Make sure that you have a valid support agreement if you choose to schedule the upgrade. Our standard support is 20 x 5, Monday – Friday.

For upgrades which require that the 2X RAS software (2xappserver.msi) is downloaded manually, retrieve the file from this URL:

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