Published applications do not run on client machines. No error is shown.
Posted by Christopher Flores on 13 August 2014 08:42 AM

Symptoms of issue

When attempting to run a published application, the published app does not show up on the client machine. No error is displayed.

The scope of this article is to outline a series of tests to further investigate the issue and identify why the problem occurs.

Versions affected

2X Remote Application Server – All Versions


Out of the box, 2X ApplicationServer XG should always serve an error message if a failure is encountered when launching a published app.

If this does not happen, it might be worthwhile looking at the environment and running a number of tests to narrow down what might be causing such behavior.

Environmental Tests:

1. Check which Group Policies are applied on the Remote Desktop Servers users are connecting to.
2. Try to launch applications via MSTSC using RemoteApps
3. Temporarily Disable Anti-Virus software.

The former is useful in determining if any restrictive GPO is effecting execution of components on startup. 2X ApplicationServer XG starts up a component called Memshell which is required for successful mirroring of published applications from Server to Client. This goes hand in hand with the Disabling Anti-Virus software for troublehsooting purposes.

Moving the RDS server being tested with to another OU effected by less restrictive Group Policies or no Group Policies could also provide useful information in these cases.

Attempting to Launch Applications using RemoteApps would also be helpful in identifying any possible issues. The expected behavior is to get the configured RemoteApp available on the client machine. If the request is not served as expected, this could be an indication of other environmental issues.

2X Tests:

Should environmental tests prove successful, other tests can also be carried out to attempt to identify the cause of the issue.

Things to be tested:

1. Reduce the time for “Show desktop if published application does not start within” to 1 sec. This should bring up the desktop if the session does start. This is configurable from the Connection Properties > Advanced Settings tab > Connection Advanced Settings Button.
2. It is possible that the client might be closing before the actual application is started. As a result, one should monitor the process tsclient.exe on the client machine. If this starts and stops, the process might be terminated or crashing. In such situations, disabling of anti-virus software and verification of any crashes from the client Event Viewer would be helpful in identifying the problem.
3. If no crashes are noticed, and tsclient.exe is not seen, one can try to launch tsclient.exe from explorer. It should give “No published item” error and close.

Should a crash be encountered as outlined in point #2 or an error is returned as outlined in point #3, please contact technical support through the 2X Support Portal available here.


One can export a report of all Group Policies applied on a given server by running the command: gpresult /h C:\GPResult.html
An HTML file outlining all information and group policies will be generated.

Applications can be tested over RemoteApps by allowing them from the RemoteApp Manager on the RDS server and accessing the app directly via MSTSC > Show Options > Programs Tab and specifying the allowed app from the RemoteApp Manager

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