2XOS to USB Drive
Posted by Lee Warren on 05 May 2015 08:06 AM

Instructions to install the 2XOS to a USB Pen Drive as a bootable operating system:

 On 2X Remote Application Server Console:

  • Open console, go to Client Manager
  • Go to the Group tab, and open the 2XOS policy properties for the thin clients.
  • Go to the Hardware tab of the 2XOS policy properties.
  • Set the Boot Method to ‘Hard Disk Install’
  • Click ‘Okay’ and then ‘Apply’

 On Thin Client device

  • Switch on the thin client hardware ensuring it is set to PXE boot
  • The 2XOS hardware will be delivered to the thin client device, after the operating system pre-boots, choose to ‘Install 2XOS’.
  • A blue installation screen should show, choose to ‘Continue’ (Yes) on the first prompt.
  • You will be promoted whether to install a ‘Lean’ installation or not, choose ‘Yes’ to install the ‘Compact’ 2XOS or ‘No’ to install the full version
  • The next screen is disk selection. Any detected hard disks or USB pens that 2XOS can be installed on will show here showing their disk type and the disk space available. Choose the disk you want to install on.
  • The next screen is ‘Disk Format’, choose a ‘Normal’ or ‘Quick’ format to proceed.
  • Partitions will create for 2XOS at this point which may take a few minutes, and then the installation will complete. 
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