2X OS OEM Support
Posted by Christopher Flores on 05 May 2015 08:06 AM

2X OEM Support

The scope of this knowledge base article is to outline a list of OEM Devices that are not supported anymore as of v7.3 of 2X OS.

This might be due to some devices being discontinued. In these cases. v7.2 of 2X OS can still be used with the ClientManager module in 2X Remote Application Server, even in version 11 and 12.

The list of clients which are not supported anymore in v7.3 can be found below:

Terra Thin Clients:


10ZiG Thin Clients:


The following OEM Thin Clients are still supported. The version to use maybe found next to the Thin Client Models from the list below:

Terra Thin Clients:

terra_tk_3750 - Generic R1
terra_tk_3770 - Generic R1
terra_tk_3778 - Generic R1


xthin_gl37_2 - Generic R1
xthin_pl39 - Generic R1
xthin_v55 - Generic R2
xthin_v16 - Generic R1

10ZiG Thin Clients:

10zig_762X - Generic R1

Riecom Thin Clients:

riecom_ib2610 - Compact R1
riecom_ib2710 - Generic R1
riecom_ib2710_c - Compact R1
riecom_ib3610 - Compact R1

Stone Thin Clients:

stone_thin_client - Generic R3
stone_netbook - Generic R3
stone_laptop - Generic R3

Other OEM Devices:

cli_st5500x99k - Generic R1
ncs_t16b100 - Generic R1
lunithin_100 - Compact R1
lunithin_200 - Generic R3

All of the above releases currently support v7.3 of 2X OS.


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