New Release Notification: 2X ApplicationServer 11.0.1821
Posted by on 04 November 2013 12:47 PM

This is a notification of a 2X ApplicationServer major release update. Please find below details:

Date Of Release: 4th November 2013


Updated Product(s)

Updated Build Number

2X ApplicationServer


2X Client


2X Cloud Portal



Important Notes: 

  • Upgrades from any 2X ApplicationServer 10.x release are supported, however, you must upgrade your license key from version 10 to version 11 prior to updating the product. Please contact our customer services or support if you have any questions about this.


  • 2X LoadBalancer users *should not* upgrade to 2X ApplicationServer version 11. This is because 2X ApplicationServer version 11 does not include 2X LoadBalancer functionality. 2X LoadBalancers with a supported license key can continue to use the product using the latest version from

The following fixes have been applied since the last stable release: 


            Added: Sites, a farm can now have multiple sites and each site can contain a number of 2X Backup Servers, 2X Secure Client Gateways, Terminal Servers and VIDs

            Added: Administration Roles, each of which can be set with different roles

            Added: Settings auditing

            Added: Configuration errors in device information

            Added: Backup servers and sites in batch upgrading of 2X Services

            Improvement: Start-up speed of the 2X Publishing Agent.

            Improvement: 2X Management Console user interface by replacing buttons with task menus

            Improved: Client Manager for 2XOS

            Fixed: Fonts in 2X Universal printing when printing to BMP

            Fixed: Global Logging state when not using English UI

            Fixed: Booting of thin clients from a Unicode path

            Fixed: 2X Universal printers when used from Linux clients

            Fixed: Printing to universal printers with Unicode symbols in name 

VDI Agent

            Added: Support for Windows 2008 R2 Hyper-V


            Added: New Look and feel

            Added: User specific favourites

            Added: Colour themes feature


Windows Client

            Added: Support for 2X SecureRemoteDesktop           

            Added: Support for POS Redirection

            Added: Support for USB Redirection

            Improved: Shadow frame when moving or sizing a published application

            Improved: Deletion of temporary files

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