What are the 2X ApplicationServer XG Console Environment & Components?
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The 2X ApplicationServer Console is a completely self-contained environment that is used to enable Universal Printing and Scanning, publish seamless applications, also providing load balancing to published desktop sessions and Virtual Desktop Hosts, Terminal Server and/or Citrix sessions. Below is a brief description of each component located in the Navigation Bar.

Components of the Navigation Bar

  • Farm - Add Virtual Desktop Hosts, Microsoft Terminal Servers and Citrix Servers to the farm
  • Load Balancing - Choose the load balancing method to be used
  • Publishing - Publish applications, application groups, virtual desktops and desktops
  • Universal Printing - Enable Universal Printing to each Terminal Server
  • Universal Scanning - Enable Universal Scanning to each Terminal Server
  • Connection Settings - Configure which port to use for each service
  • Client Settings - Configure and enable client settings
  • Information - Find information about the modules used, enable logging, and enable notification
  • Licensing - Obtain or review your licensing information and license number for 2X ApplicationServer  products

Console Environment

Console Environment/Publishing

  1. The Navigation Bar enables you to navigate through the main features offered by 2X ApplicationServer Console. You can also change which features are displayed using the View Menu.
  2. The Published Applications Explorer panel is a navigational tree which represents the organization of your published applications, application groups and desktops.
  3. The Published Applications Properties panel contains up to four additional tabs that will display Information, Publish From, Application and Filtering options for each published application.
  4. The Publishing Tools allow you to Add, Delete, and Disable, Sort and Find for selected published applications. You can also move your published applications using the Move Up or Move Down tools. The publishing tools also provide you with the ability to publish your applications to the web.
  5. The Toolbar consists of a set of tools grouped together that provides quick and convenient access to commonly performed operations.

Console Environment – Basic Layout

Console Environment – Basic Layout

  1. The Navigation Bar enables you to navigate through the main features offered by the 2X Console. You can also select which main feature to be displayed from the View Menu.
  2. The Properties Pane is the main area from where you can edit and modify each configuration.
  3. The Information Pane gives a quick look and summary about the particular selected page.
  4. The Toolbar consists of a set of tools grouped together to provide quick and convenient access to commonly-performed operations.


  •  Please make sure that you are running the latest build. To find out what the latest version/build is, kindly visit the following link:
  • Please note that in order to upgrade, you must have purchased the upgrade insurance, as licenses need to be upgraded in order to work on a later build.
  • To find out what is the version you currently have installed on your ThinClientServer, please open the console and check the currently installed version from the top right of your screen.
  • To find out what is the currently installed version of your 2X Application, please open the console and navigate to help>about.
  • Please kindly note that the issues and resolution presented on this article may be obsolete or no longer helpful with the latest version of your 2X Application. Should you require further assistance, please submit a ticket with Technical Support from the following link:
  • Please be aware that links related to 3rd parties like Microsoft, may sometimes be replaced or moved by the 3rd party itself.


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