Possible reasons for being disconnected from sessions
Posted by David Saliba on 16 April 2010 10:43 AM


User gets disconnected randomly while working.


Sometimes a user might get disconnected from a session due to many reasons.
This is a list of possible causes of disconnections, though not exhaustive, it covers a vast majority of the cases encountered.

1) Wireless or flaky connection, rotating IPs, DNS ,defective switch etc...
Try changing to a new connection socket, switch.

2) Users sharing username and passwords stealing session from each other.
Try change password for a user or logging .

3) Third party s/w restarting the network interface, dropping the socket etc...
Try connecting from a new OS and verify what might cause this.

4) Proxies / ISA or other filtering and forwarding mechanisms dropping the connection.
Try bypassing the connection altogether for tests, when confirmed change the configuration to allow the connection to remain.

5) Gateway dropping a connection for a system crash etc...
Test with direct mode.

6) Server side disconnections.
Monitor events and server logs, TS agent logs etc to see what caused a given disconnection.

7) Server Network might be problematic
Check for hardware event logs on the server, or switch card of the server

8) Link may be too slow or server's link is too busy
Monitor the network and locate any bottlenecks.
gateways share the load so you can install a secondary gateway!
where possible especially on LANs use Direct mode for connecting.

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